Allocation of Effort

September 23, 2021

Faculty can update their own Workload Information or Allocation of Effort. The steps bellow outline that process. 

Beginning January 2020, Annual Reviews will be based on the Calendar Year (January 1 through December 31)

1. Select "Workload Information (i.e., Allocation of Effort) on the "Activities" screen. 

This is located under the "General Information" section. 

Screenshot of Watermark Faculty Success Activities Screen highlighting "Workload Information (i.e., Allocation of Effort)".

2. Select the "Add New" button located in the top right corner. 

Watermark Faculty Success screenshot of the Workload Information screen with the "Add New" button highlighted.

3. Complete the information and press the "Save" button in the top right corner. 

The Calendar Year is the year starting January 1 through December 31 that the Allocation of Effort was/is in. For example, Allocation of Effort for August-December 2021 will be input as "2021" in the "Calendar Year" box. 

Screenshot of Watermark Faculty Success Edit Workload Information screen.